Wario Sez: Make Your Own Damn Games

The release dates for a number of Wii and DS titles for Winter 2010 were recently unveiled. This includes Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Jan 26) and No More Heroes 2 (“late January” was all that’s been given), both of which are mighty fine games that one should not hesitate to pre-order (well TvC at least, which I’ve played; haven’t touched the latest NMH yet I’m afraid). Though the one I’m most excited about, and the one that has gotten a criminally low amount of hype in comparison to the rest, is WarioWare: DIY. And what’s so great about it? Well, here’s an example:

Metal Gear?!?! It’s like every other WarioWare game, except you get to make them! The tools that are provided are robust to say the least, as evidenced by the countless number of YouTube videos that have been coming from Japan since it’s release this spring. THere’s so many to choose from, but this remains my all-time favorite: Street Fighter Ken punching out his wife!

Certain details have yet to be disclosed unfortunately. Specifically how players on this side of the ocean will be able to share their creations, if at all. Along with a possible American version of the WiiWare component, which allows people to play said games via the comfort of their couch (and hence why you’re given if you thought the game was a console game at first). Given Nintendo’s somewhat spotty track record when it comes to keeping its hardcore users happy, it’s not a given, but fingers are crossed. Via Tiny Cartridge.