When Gaming And Dancing Merges

As most folks should know by now, I love whenever artists use video games as a source for whatever. Sometimes the results are genuinely compelling, though it’s most just flat out hilarious. I also like it when games are combined with real world elements; like Pac-Man and Roombas make sense together in a weird way. But how about Pong and slow dancing?

The Dept. of Covert Athletics has a new project called Pong Prom that does such a thing,: two people wearing hooded sweatshirts that have sensors sewed throughout move back and forth to control their paddles, which is displayed on their chests as LED dots. I guess due to the complex nature of the technology, which is mostly motion-based, or perhaps by design alone, the couple has to move slowly and carefully, as if they’re slow-dancing.

The video explains it all better, but better turn your audio down, unless you like sappy, crappy college rock:

Pong Prom from Ed Keeble on Vimeo.

This one is a bit too cutsey of my tastes to be honest, but still neat nonetheless. Can’t wait for the same idea to be incorporated in more aggressive forms of dance or body movement. Like maybe breakdancing or voguing? Or sex of course. Via GameSetWatch.

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