Air Guitar Functionality Finally Coming To Guitar Hero/Rock Band (sorta)

1262630002_controllerfree.jpgIt’s the year 2010, and a new decade is upon us, ripe with technological advances to help enhance our day-to-day affairs, including game playing! Sure the Xbox 360’s Project Natal and the PS3’s Project Twinkle (note: not what it’s really called) has a chance to pushing gaming into known territory, but each are basically stepped in yesteryear’s tech. Both rely upon cameras, plus they’re clearly inspired by the Wii (how this all makes them yesterday’s news is not truly important, just stick with me here). Enter Microsoft’s currently unnamed “Muscle-Computer Interface.”

The video is actually light on game-related content, but it’s still worth a watch:

Clearly the most fascinating aspect is allowing users to pre-assign whatever movements to do whatever action on screen. So if I wanted to control, say a Mario-esque character in a Mario Galaxy-esque environment, I set it up so moving my index and middle fingers as they’re walking be the actual walk mechanism, and to fly I can just flap my wings like a chicken!

Laugh all you want, but that’s truly the future of gaming: making control as accessible as possible. Via Gizmodo.

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