At Last, Project Natal Explained

The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vega just got underway (fun-fact: before E3 came to the scene, all video game movers and shakers made their splash at the CES, and some of the current heavy hitters at least have sorta come back), and Microsoft had a little press event. Among the things revealed and discussed was the Xbox Game Room; long story short, imagine PlayStation Home, but instead of just standing around and essentially doing nothing, you get to create your own virtual arcade and even hang out at the ones your friends made, filled with classic games from the early 80s like Centipede and Tempest (which you’ll have to purchase, of course). Sounds okay in theory, but I personally can’t stand anything featuring those bland, wannabe virtual dolls that are still piss-poor equivalents to Nintendo’s Miis. But I digress.

Anyhow the real hotness was news that Project Natal is definitely coming this winter! Plus, here’s a video that finally explains how it actually works:

Speaking as someone who somewhat had a “whatever” attitude towards it, I’m actually excited now! Simply seeing and hearing sold behind the scene info will do that I suppose. Though the most interesting part was hearing that it does all these complex mathematical calculations, but 30 times a second. Bad news for 60 fps fanatics, like Forza 3 players perhaps?