Breakthrough Band: Former Ghosts

Former GhostsGoth aesthetics and sounds have been making quite a comeback in the recent past, the video to Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One” being the most popular example in mainstream music. The band Former Ghosts, where Freddy Ruppert, formerly known from This Song Is A Mess But So Am I, is joined by Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu and Nika Roza from Zola Jesus, also heavily draws inspiration from the darker descendants of punk and new wave. Their sound combines the basslines, guitar riffs and dismal vocal delivery of early 4AD or Factory bands like Bauhaus or Joy Division with drum machines, clicks and synthesizer pads of the electronica genre.

Routed through distortion units and endlessly echoing by applying vast amounts of reverb, their label Upset The Rhythm calls the band’s debut album “Fleurs” “so heavy, that the disk itself almost seems to weigh five pounds”. Additional nerdy and somehow creepy fact: lead songwriter Ruppert calculated that “if you were to clip out the actual sound from the instruments on the album, leaving only the reverb, and then lined each track of reverb up, one after another, the reverb should stretch out for 8 and 3/4 years”.

While it is an indeed a pretty intense and dark album, a few kids over at tagged Former Ghosts as “synth pop” and there definitely are a lot of catchy bits on the record, so fans of similar post-punk revivers such as Interpol and White Lies should definitely tune in. Furthermore, 2010 will most likely bring a great number of bands with a similar sound and as people like you and me never want to miss out, Former Ghosts provide a good entry point to the gloomy world of (post) recession. Check out the (NSFW) video to their song “Flowers” after the jump, which depicts several young men and women in deep trouble – or to be a bit more clear, maybe the way our friends from Pitchfork announced the video gets you all keen on watching it: “a naked dude gets peed on in this disturbing clip”.

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