Man, That’s A Lot Of… Stuff

Two distinctly different, yet still quite similar, sets of pictures have recently surfaced, with each featuring a mind-blowing assortment of video games and related paraphernalia. Here’s collection number one:


I guess I like this person’s the best, since everything is nicely displayed, never-mind how having two R.O.B.s is more than a little over-kill:


Plus he or she seems to have virtually everything under the sun, including the Super Famicom satellite attachment! Long story short, Japanese gamers were able to download games onto their SNESs via the satellite dishes that provided them with cable, though other than a 16-bit remake of Zelda 1, there was hardly any games of note:


As for where all the magic happens, I’m mostly impressed by the red blinds:


Then we have collection number two:


As you can see, the emphasis is mostly on character related goods, primarily Nintendo faces:


But as you can see, there’s a Mega Man section to the left and up, along with a random PlayStation banner to the back:


What else can be said? Either all of this is extremely impressive, or depressing, depending on your point of view. Maybe both? It actually makes me re-evaluate my efforts towards building a video game shrine and go “Seriously, what’s the point?” And not just because I’ll never be able to build anything near the scale of these two. Which again might be a good thing.

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