Mario Illustrates Five Of The Biggest Global Trends, We Think?

The following was created by students in Milan to illustrate five of the biggest global trends. Guess it’s a great way to beat writing excruciatingly long college paper:

There’s only one problem: it makes zero sense. I honestly can’t understand how “digital habits transferred down to the reality was of life 2.0”, which immediately brings about certain notions, perhaps way too obvious ones (like how people’s attention spans are shortening or other forms of behavior have been affected, thanks to stuff like RSS readers and Twitter), is actually car pooling. I know there’s a language barrier and all, but… at least the video is sorta neat to watch. Though it still drives me nuts how the Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros (the SNES remake, a la Super Mario All-Stars) is intermingling with the Luigi sprite from Super Mario World. But hey, at least the music is also pretty decent. Via Core77.

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