My Bold Prediction For 2010: Zelda Fans Will Once Again Cringe

1262774182_hatezelda.jpgFirst off, some good news. The next Zelda is coming out this year and will most definitely be on the Wii! There had been some concern/speculation that it would be reserved for the next Nintendo console, sometime later down the road. Which hasn’t been formally announced, granted, but many are assuming that it will be very soon, given that the Wii’s momentum has finally slowed down (but it did recently get a healthy boost thanks to New Super Mario Bros Wii). Though there’s no guarantee that it won’t also show up two systems, like Twilight Princess did for both the GameCube and the Wii. Still, who cares: current system owners will be getting the new Zelda, period. And now for some potentially bad news.

The info regarding Zelda’s appearance this year came from a recent interview with Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata, where he also spoke of that goofy Vitality Sensor. You know, that thing that attached to your finger while playing a game to monitor your pulse, but also which makes you look like a diabetic or whatnot. Anyhow, from the sounds of it, Nintendo is planning to push it hard, hence my fear that…

The new Zelda will somehow incorporate this new fangled device as a major gameplay component. Think about it: every game is usually built around some bizarre, goofy gimmick. Yes, generally it’s a musical instrument, but the means of controlling said in-game device has gotten progressively wackier with each recent installment. True, this has mostly been the case with the portable editions as well, but series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has gone on record to state that he wants to really shake things up with the latest edition, and what better way then totally mixing things up via some goofy new device?

Obviously, it’s not something I looking forward to. Like so many others, I’ve wanted a nice and simple Zelda game, harkening back to the simpler days of A Link To The Past, but I’m afraid those days are long gone. And I too have not been a big fan of all these changes to the formula; at the end of the day, I enjoyed Twilight Princess far more on the GameCube than the Wii.

I could of course be completely wrong. I hope I am actually! But if not, remember who called it first.

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