New Ways To Kill Imaginary People Or Things

1263366901_rifles.jpgThe dust has finally settled from last week’s CES, which was definitely light on the gaming side of things (whereas if you’re into touchscreen phones, tablet PCs, and Kindle-like devices, you were basically in heaven). As noted previously, MS made the biggest splash with their PlayStation Home “killer”, the avatar arcade, which is cute I guess. Otherwise, nothing really of note… But at least we got a pair of sniper guns!

From CTA Digital comes a pair of somewhat life-sized firearms to make Modern Warfare 2 or Link’s Crossbow Training (???) all the more satisfying. Or at least that’s the theory. Not surprisingly, the Wii one looks pretty lame, plus you have to slip in a Wii-mote to get the thing working. Whereas the PS3 version looks like an AK-47, plus has it’s own joypads and buttons build it. Here’s a quick video of the controller in action (sorta):

No idea why there’s no Xbox 360 version. Via Technabob.