Remember, Video Games Will Mess You Up In A Variety Of Ways

1263368749_gamers.jpgGot two tales of folks who got themselves in predicaments due to gaming. First is the story of a Chinese businessman, one who got into a fight with his wife and decided to blow off some steam at a cyber cafe. And there are certainly worse ways to exercise one’s frustration, but this fellow played games for four days and straight and ended up going blind. At least it was only temporarily.

Meanwhile in Canada, a 16 year old boy flat-out asked his parents if they would give him a lift across town to meet the 42 year old woman that he been having a secret relationship via World of Warcraft at some hotel. Naturally they said no, so their son decided to head out on his own anyway. The stunned mom and dad were able to eventually piece together the important details and track him down via the game’s chat logs; the police found both of them at some electronics store (how romantic) and the woman was not charged with any crime, despite consorting with a minor (in her defense, the kid lied about his age by claiming to be 20).

A few additional details can be found by checking out the source, but my favorite part is always the comments section of pretty much anything. My favorite knee-jerk reaction would have to be: “Maybe they are soulmates. They both seem like big losers to me. Anyone who plays a video game every waking hour is a drain on society. The 42 year old is more pathetic and obviously a pervert. World of warcraft brings out abnormal and extremely antisocial behaviour [sic] in people.” Ah, the internet!

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