Sega’s Awkward Cross-Promotion Of Bayonetta With Playboy

1262980075_shannon.jpgThe idea of Sega teaming up with Playboy to help sell their latest hack and slash and shoot spectacular Bayonetta actually makes a good deal of sense, since both are all about t&a. But the execution is a bit, I dunno, off?

For starters, check out the “trailer” so to speak:

The basis of the contest, as far as I can tell, is to choose which of the five “hot chicks” best embodies the virtual bad girl. First off, because absolutely zero background information is provided, I have no idea who the hell these women are. Something tells me that instead of girls who entered some contest Playboy was throwing to promote the game, not because they necessarily look like the titular character but due to being such super fans and wanting to express this in some manner, Playboy simply chose five women they had hanging out at the Playboy Mansion at random.

Another factor is how none of these women seem at all like the character. I must confess, I haven’t had a chance to play the whole thing, just the demo, yet I can’t recall ever seeing her sucking on a lollipop. And physically, there’s very little resemblance. Perhaps that’s a bit unfair since the game model looks to be about nine foot tall with a bizarrely tiny head ton-top of that freakishly large frame, but still. I also thought she was an outcast angel or something like that, and not originally from Babylon, Long Island:


Though the biggest issue is how these five women seems to have even less personality and depth than what is ultimately an excessively uncreative video game caricature of a hot chick, especially for Japan in this day and age. Perhaps you can all see why I’m not immediately rushing to the store to get my copy (I was also never the biggest fan of Devil May Cry, plus found the demo to be way too easy, and friends of mine have confirmed that the game as a whole is like that, though I also hear character designs otherwise are quite excellent).

And perhaps I come off looking the worst here, just another faceless and angry male hiding behind a computer, hating on females. It’s not like goofing on Playboy bunnies is the helping the world at large. But once again, it’s 2010 and I’m just still amazed at what is still sold as “sexy” plus by how video games are still sold in general these days.