Space Invaders Infinity Gene 2.0 Update Live

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

We’re big fans of Infinity Gene here at Heavy, so it somehow amazes me this fairly major update to the best shooter on iPhone (or most things) got an update without me noticing. As of December 28th Infinity Gene supports OpenFeint, an Xbox Live-style community system, as well as letting you rate the music stages created from MP3s. The exciting thing, though, is that more unlockable extra stages have been added, with even tougher “v2” bosses. Extra Stage 25 in particular gets a shout out for being about as terrifying and creepy as a phone shooter is going to get. If you don’t have this game and you have an iPhone or iPod touch you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. Buy it. Buy it now. We recommend “Alice Practice” by Crystal Castles for a super-intense stage.