Spider-Man 4 Squashed

Spider-Man 4Well, this is interesting – the long-delayed Spider-Man 4 is looking to have another setback. In fact, the entire goddamned thing is in the trashcan. Set to start filming next month,franchise mastermind Sam Raimi was said to be dissatisfied with the script’s direction and walked off the project, leaving the movie already millions of dollars in debt. Sony, scrambling to keep the franchise going, is taking a Batman Begins approach and rebooting the series back to Peter Parker’s high school days, ousting Tobey Maguire from the role and completely recasting. And, needless to say, Raimi is out of the picture. We’ll have more news on the reboot, including casting, as it gets closer to a summer 2012 release, but this is certainly upsetting news to superhero movie fans. It’s been ten years since the first flick, so maybe Raimi is right to hang up his hat and move on.