The Argument For/Against Video Game Infomercials: Muscle March

As noted previously, there are quite a few titles to choose from this week, though one that came out last week deserves special attention since it flew under many’s radars. It’s for WiiWare, is called Muscle March, and the following should explain all:

So here now is my super brief “review” if you wanna call it: no need for me to try and describe the game, since the video covers all that noise. And as most can tell, it’s very Katamari-esque, with the ultra wacky and over the top Japanese esthetics, plus goofy gameplay (I wouldn’t be surprised if two games shared some staff members, especially on the audio side, since they’re both from Namco). Though the most important questions are “does it play well” and “is it fun”, with the answers being “well enough” and “yup.” Though for just 500 points, one’s expectations must be scaled accordingly; its a fun little diversion that’s perfect for friends to show and even play with at a party, especially those who aren’t completely jaded by such things, while waiting for the pizza arrive or the like. The controls are also less than precise, and your correct poses are registered maybe 70% of the time. Still, for five bucks, you can do worse, especially on WiiWare, and if you’re tired of failing at stage 4 at Castlevania ReBirth for the seven thousandth time, this will most definitely help as a minor distraction.

Thanks to GameSetWatch for the head’s up on the clip.