Video Game Fashion Forecast For 2010

1263204322_getready.jpgIt’s a new year, and not only does that mean new games coming down the pipeline but new threads relating to games as well! So let’s get right down to it first up we have yet another not so bad design from Threadless, as seen above, called Russian Cargo.

Next is one that is out quite yet, but could be if it gets enough votes, called 8-Bit Blues:


Blowing on NES cartridges as a joke for a shirt is so passe (like this unfortunate example), but here it’s actually handled differently and somewhat creatively here, so I approve.

Though from the same folks that gave us that aforementioned lame tee, Shark Robot, comes a somewhat classy and understated Sonic shirt:


Now, if we’re gonna talk about legitimately stylish, has anyone heard of POKEMON 151? It’s a line from Japan featuring, you guessed it, Pokemon, but believe it or not, its actually quite fine for the fashion conscious young and hip, and not just for tykes (who have all moved onto Bakugan anyhow). Here’s one of the more recent designs:


And for those who still want something a bit more upscale and classy, there’s always Triumvir, which has been producing Street Fighter related gear for some time now. But then you have about to be released Psycho Brigade line, which includes cotton canvas jacket:


Also quite nice, even though I’m not much of a vest guy, is this:


Via Tiny Cartridge, Famitus, and GameSetWatch.

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