Final Fantasy XIII For The PS3 And Xbox 360 Compared

With the domestic release of Final Fantasy XIII a little less then two weeks away (March 9th to be exact), folks are naturally curious as to which version to get. Either the PS3 “original” (the game was initially intended to be a Sony exclusive and is still the lead version by all accounts) or the brand spanking new 360 port (which is specifically geared towards Western audiences; no one has a Xbox in Asia I’m afraid). Initial reports have stated that the PlayStation version is clearly superior, with the 360 version suffering from down-sampled visuals; hardly a surprise given that the latter comes on 3 DVDs, which still can’t match the storage capacity of the former’s single Blu-ray disc, so obviously sacrifices were inevitable. But how much so? Here’s a video that presents both games, side by side:

I dunno; they both look virtually identical to me. Only noticeable difference is when during the close-ups of the lead girl, Lightning, and even then it’s not like one is better than the other, they’re just different. Though graphics whores are keen to point out the PS3 version has actual in the moment shading, whereas on the 360, shadows aren’t happening in real-time but approximated beforehand. Supposedly you can tell by looking at the feathers of that small bird when it’s close to the camera. Again, I can’t tell, but I also still play games on a SD set, so what do I know?