For Those About To Fight Bowser, We Salute You

As previously noted, people like you and me will soon be able to submit songs onto the Rock Band Network for the rest of the world to virtually rock out to. Though the key here is how it’s going to have to be totally original compositions. Yet that didn’t stop one person from uploading the Bowser Battle Theme from Super Mario 64:

Fun-fact: according to various reports and interviews, most Mario music from the 8-bit era were ragtime compositions! Here’s a small example. Though the original track in question is perhaps an exception to the rule. Anyhow, stuff like this is precisely why I wish I was musically inclined enough to participate in the pilot program; just imagine all the wacky, totally copyright infringing tracks that are available for play! Perhaps it’s not too late… to learn how to play a real instrument so I can play the cream of the crop faked music?

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