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From Paris With Love

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to watch some ding-dang movies! This week is kind of a nice one for me, as some old prayers are answered and some new friends come to visit. We’ve got Jackie Chan, John Travolta and even a chick flick or two in case you got a girl to keep happy before Saturday’s UFC fight. Let’s get to the new releases.

From Paris With Love – Not sure what to think about this – John Travolta has been, shall we say, inconsistent in recent years. This might be a good one, though. In the City of Lights, Travolta plays a grizzled CIA agent who takes a low-level operative played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers under his wing to bust a crime ring. Directed by Pierre Morel, who brought us District 13 and is now helming the Dune remake, this looks to be a bang-up series of frantic action scenes, which is just what the doctor ordered.

The Shinjuku Incident – Remember how I was complaining about Jackie Chan starring in mediocre family action comedy after mediocre family action comedy? Here’s a refreshing break from the tedium, where Jackie plays it straight as a Chinese immigrant who travels to Japan for work and winds up on the wrong end of the Yakuza. Reviews have been uniformly good, and I’m pretty psyched to see how it winds up.

District 13: Ultimatum – The sequel to Pierre Morel’s 2004 parkour action flick promises more ass-beatings in the notorious walled-off Paris slum, this time threatened by total thermonuclear annihilation. It’s a damn fine weekend for martial arts, and I couldn’t be happier.

Dear John – What is it about The Notebook? That damn movie is every single lady in the world’s dumb favorite thing and it’s so boring! This is another movie from the guy who wrote that, this time starring Channing Tatum and the very hot Amanda Seyfried. It’s the same formula all over again, this time with a war in the middle, but if your girlfriend makes the movie decisions this is probably going to be what you’re seeing tonight.

Frozen – This is Saw on a ski lift. I am not kidding in the least. Three snowboarders get stranded over the slopes and must make tough decisions to survive. Now that’s a high concept! I kind of have to see this, just to support the audacity that goes into making a horror flick like this.

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