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Lil WayneWelcome to February – here’s some music! The drought has ended, and a massive flow of new tunes is gushing forth from the open mouths of our favorite bands (and some of our un-favorites). Drill in your earbuds and let’s have a listening party.

Lil WayneRebirth – Delayed for almost a full year, Weezy’s latest magnum opus couldn’t drop at a worse time for the Southern rap superstar, who finds himself coming up on a potential one-year prison bid for a weapon possession incident in October. This is supposed to be Wayne’s “rock album debut,” which has me a little terrified, but who knows? Guest spots from Travis Barker and Fall Out Boy don’t seem terribly promising.

Rob ZombieHellbilly Deluxe II – Taking a break from remaking horror movies, Rob Zombie returns to the cartoonish hard rock that made him famous. This album’s been finished since December of 2008 but label changes and other scandals have delayed it until now. Zombie has publicly claimed that this may be the last “physical” record he releases, intending to shift to exclusively digital distribution in the future. One song each about Frankenstein and witches and two about werewolves: classic.

NnekaConcrete Jungle – Here’s a hot train to get on this week – German-Nigerian hip-hop singer Nneka. Awesome political but not preachy tracks about the situation in the Niger delta with great production abound on this disc, which is her first Stateside release. If you liked Lauryn Hill before she lost her mind, you’ll be all over this.

Toro Y MoiCausers Of This – We covered Toro Y Moi in our Breakthrough Band column a few weeks back. This is the first LP from Chaz Budnick, aka Toro Y Moi, and it’s an awesome mash-up of glistening pop, electro and funk.

Toni BraxtonPulse – There comes a point when I wonder why R&B songstresses keep going – do they really have anything to express, or do they just put records out because they feel they have to? I’m going to guess that Toni Braxton is releasing Pulse to capitalize on the bump she got from Dancing With The Stars, but is that enough? The first single’s charting well, so maybe I’m just an idiot.

The Album Leaf – A Chorus Of Storytellers – If you’re looking to cool down after all of this excitement, may I recommend the latest from this post-rock mainstay, known for relaxing ambient soundscapes? This is the first Album Leaf record with a full band playing, and I’m curious as to how this is going to sound.

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