Starcraft II Beta Looks Awesome

1267027193_Starcraft.jpgIf you spent multiple days indoors back in 1998, having LAN parties, eating Funyuns and drinking Mountain Dew, you were proabably hooked on StarCraft like everyone else. And if you didn’t get hooked in ’98, chances are you got hooked any time during the past 12 years because that game never got old.

Well, Blizzard Entertainment finally released the beta for StarCraft II last week. tested it and reviewed that the beta is “accessible for newcomers” but there is concern that it won’t appeal to real-time gaming fanatics.

More screenshots below:


Those things on the right look like the War of the Worlds alien robot things.


This needs an Schwarzenegger voiceover: “Take out da bridge! Now!


Don’t mess with the red ships that look like hammerhead sharks. They’ll get ya every time.