Super Street Fighter 4′s Pre-Order Bonus Costumes

Games Radar was the first to reveal a set of special duds for those who pre-order Super SF 4. Let’s take a look! From best to worst, starting with Fei Long:


A nice nod to his real life counterpart (Bruce Lee of course, duh) who made his first real splash as the Green Hornet’s sidekick. I approve!

Well, I did say best to worst, and generally that means a gradual progression, but not here unfortunately. Next best, which is not saying much, is Blanka:


What the? Is he a cast member of Dragon Ball all of a sudden? Third up is Guile:


So the dude is all wrapped up padding. Okay. If he’s referencing some movie or television character, I have no idea who it might be. Anyway, here’s Gen:


Instead of looking like a generic looking geriatric martial arts master, he’s now a generic EVIL looking geriatric martial arts master. Actually, he looks like a Mortal Kombat transplant. And finally, Dhalsim:


WTF… Anyhow, expect to see additional threads for the ladies, perhaps equally as appalling.