Your Feburary Video Game Fashion Update

1265856527_febfashion1.jpgIt’s been a while since we last looked at the latest in video game threads, and some apparel has made their way to (primarily online) clothing outlets. Like the shirt you see above, courtesy of Threadless, based upon a semi-popular, abstract piece of artwork that hardly none of us was supposed to be the basis of a shirt.

If the above is a bit too arty-farty for you, here comes something s a bit more down to earth and contemporary, courtesy of teextie, who goes for the “let’s see how many famous video game faces we can cram at once, even if it doesn’t make much sense in the end” look. Must admit, good use of Pac Man:


For those that want to spend a bit more, I’ve mentioned Triumvir’s high end line of Street Fighter inspired apparel, primarily centering on M. Bison’s crime ring, though the Psycho Brigade has gotten even more prestigious with this extremely limited edition hooded zip parka:


And this military shirt is also limited to just 50 pieces:


Meanwhile in Japan, hey remember that game with the virtual girlfriends that one guy actually married? Well, if you also wish to profess your love for animu gals, but don’t want to be quite as extreme, then how about a simple t-shirt?


But why do men have to have all the fun? For the ladies, there’s this (sorry, but I found this image on a random blog, and I have zero idea who it’s by and where it’s available; any help and clarification would be very much appreciated):


Alright, still for the ladies, but nowhere near as misogynistic or offensive is this custom Game Boy tube dress via Etsy (which sold out a few weeks ago, I’m afraid):


Then there’s these Space Invaders tights:


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