Fallout 2′s Rejected Childkiller Vault Boy Image

1267515870_vaultboy.jpgVirtually every game has some element, whether it be lines of dialogue, a character, or piece of related artwork, that never makes it into the final produce for whatever reason. Like the above illustration for example.

It was originally intended to be the graphic for anyone that earned the Childkiller reputation in Fallout 2, which is when one kills a young one. Some background info from the creator, artist Brian Menze, who not only worked on that game but is currently a part of the new Vegas expansion for part 3:

“This image was unused and the only Vault Boy image to ever be cut from Fallout 2. (I’m sure you can figure out why) I remember when I got the request to do a perk illustration for “child Killer” that there would be no way to keep in from being offensive. I mean really! How do you make an illustration of “child killer” and keep it from being offensive? Anyway for some reason, I thought this was the least offensive way to do it. I have no idea what i was thinking. Even the designer who requested it realized it was a bad idea, so we nixed it. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe I drew this.”

The image was recently posted on his DeviantArt, but quickly pulled, no doubt a request from his bosses, who clearly are still not comfortable with Vault Boy engaging in such a heinous act. But you know, post something on the internet for as little as 20 seconds, and it’s out of your hands forever. Via Hellforge.

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