Full Release: Games

1269239526_incoming.jpgThe number of truly noteworthy releases this week is a bit barren as compared to previous weeks (please note that I never list ever game that comes out on a given week, just the ones that you should check out… though the truth of the matter is, I’m just too lazy to do the research behind Imagine: Gymnast… I’m betting it’s not up your alley/will sorta suck). But there are still a few worth the attention:

Cave Story (WiiWare) – At long last, what those indie kids have been so excited about, for literally years, is finally here. So here’s the deal: Cave Story was created by just one person; he came up with the story, did the programming, created all the art, and music all by himself. And the end results puts many games created by a small army to shame, and has been a source of inspiration for many indie game creators across the globe. Well, the PC freeware hit is finally arriving on the Wii after many delays with enhanced visuals plus music.

Red Steel 2 (Wii) – The first Red Steel was a noble attempt, but ultimately sorta blew, sorry. But this sequel looks to correct all wrongs, hopefully. The most exciting part of the game, the first person sword fighting, was way too loose in practice, and in the end, extremely frustrating. Well, the sequel not only looks cooler, with some of the better uses of cel-shading in recent memory, and the trading in of the generic urban environment for the increasingly popular wild fest setting, plus I hear it runs at 60 fps (I forget the frame-rate from my brief experience many months back) but it should also control better thanks to it utilizing the Wii Motion Plus add-on. So those of you who grew bored of Wii Sports Resort a long time ago, time to dust that sucker off.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (DS) – For those who have long been curious about this prestigious and very much hardcore Japanese role playing series, now might be the perfect time to give MegaTen a shot. Why? Well, for starters, it’s a bit more mindful of its the world at large, instead of taking place in Japan like usual (which to be honest is more of a selling point to us vets of the franchise, though it’s ensures that the game will be all the more accessible). Though more importantly, it’s on a portable system, which means not having to sit through a long and complex battle, glue to the couch and set. It’s the kind of gameplay that makes those long commutes pass by in a heartbeat. Otherwise, it’s the same goodness that its loyal fans have come to expect; a bleak, otherworldly landscape in which you have to defeat countless demons, while also becoming buddy-buddy with a few in hopes of survival.

Just Cause 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – One of the better Grand Theft Auro clones in recent years is back. The first mostly shined on the 360 as a (at the time) next gen taste of a familiar formula, though instead of playing a nobody tough guy attempting to climb his way to the top of some metropolis, you were running around the jungle trying to overthrow a dictator. The same basic formula has returned, except the new digs this time has been described as a cross between Hawaii and New Zealand. Whatever, it’s still a pretty view from above as you jump out of some burning plane (easily the best parts of part one, which has thankfully carried over). But yeah, just imagine the thrill of hijacking a cab and rolling down a crowded city street, except you’re in a Boeing 737 with a grenade launcher. Same thing, yup.