Good Lord… Harrison Ford is Talking Indiana Jones 5?

1267558869_Jones.jpgRemember growing up on great movies like Star Wars, Goonies and Indiana Jones? Well, we’ve already watched the Star Wars franchise slowly get destroyed when George Lucas went back and made the prequels. We’re gearing up for Goonies 2 like Kansas residents anticipating a tornado. And we all saw Indiana Jones 4 and cried a little. Now they’re talking about making a fifth installment in the Indiana Jones story.

Harrison Ford (who’s closing in on 70) told the BBC that Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and himself have “a germ of an idea” that they’re planning to flesh out. Who knows? Maybe they’re team up with Lost creators J.J. Abrams and David Lindelof for some plot lines relating to time travel/mythology/whatever they want.