GTA: Episodes From Liberty City Headed To PS3 & PC, But There’s Gonna Be Changes

1268956769_runninglate.jpgGood news PS3 owners! And those who do their computing on something other than a Mac (sucks to be you); the formerly Xbox 360 exclusive GTA4 add ons, The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony (the later of which I found to be vastly superior to the original game for a number or reasons), which were both released as a stand-alone retail title called Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City are headed your way. Though it’s coming two weeks later than originally planned (formerly Mar 30).

Why? Because of “a request by Sony Europe to make some minor content changes to the PAL PS3 version of the game.” Hmmm. Though Rockstar insists: “We want to assure our fans that the minor changes made to the game will not affect the gamers enjoyment of the games, these will not affect any gameplay elements and were not related to any local ratings requirements.”

That’s cool. Anyway, Sony players can expect to wreck havoc in Liberty City once again, along with the aid of Ratchet and Clank (sorry, I don’t play enough PC games to make a similar stupid/lazy joke for those on that end) on April 13th.