Screw God Of War 3, It’s All About First Of The North Star

God Of War 3 comes out next week, and seriously, I could care less. I’ve just never been into the franchise, mostly due to the ass ugly aesthetics. Sure the latest installment has tits (sorry, but I’ve got the internet for that) and biting the genitals off of minotaurs (or something like that), but that demo that recently came out on the PSN simply bored me to tears. Guess I’ve played better games that do more with the GOW formula, or are simply not such an eye sore (Dante’s Inferno is a good, recent example). Speaking of, it’s all about the upcoming Hokuto Musou/Fist of the North Star:

Seriously, if you don’t think that’s the greatest thing ever, then I honestly don’t know what your problem is. Much cooler looking attacks, a nice variety of controllable characters instead of some roided out pale guy, and riding around on a bad ass motorcycle, or even badder ass horse! Sorry, but a bazooka >>>> a pair of flaming chain swords. Just saying.

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