She’s Out Of My League Review

She's Out Of My LeagueWe’ve all been there – face to face with a hot chick and absolutely knowing that there’s no chance in Hell we’re going to get her. No matter how smart or funny we are or how Situation-esque our abs are, there’s rules in this world. And the rules are: you don’t date too far outside your rank. She’s Out Of My League isn’t the first “normal dude dates a hot chick” comedy, but it is to my knowledge the first one that tacitly admits that yes, this is a thing and yes, it sucks. And thankfully it milks a good deal of laughs out of the premise.

Poor Kirk (the excellent Jay Baruchel) is a dead-end guy in a dead-end job and, according to his friends, a 5 at best. So when he meets cute with Molly (Alice Eve, who is certainly a 10) and she asks him out, he spends the rest of the movie waiting for the other shoe to drop. What makes the movie work and not slide into grating bro-dom is Baruchel’s easy Everyman-ness – he plays Kirk like the guy that you know who can just never get it 100% together. She’s Out Of My League succeeds where similar other comedies have failed by not forcing anything – sure, there’s the gross-out gonzo moments that the genre demands, but it always stays grounded in a love story that’s – dare I say it – kind of sweet. The movie’s not perfect – the third act, especially, goes a little limp as the story gets wrapped up – but it’s funny, charming and well worth taking a date to. Especially a hot one.