Stop It, Hollywood: Parody Movies

Certain actions (some of them completely absurd and unfounded in anything resembling real human behavior) have become so overused in movies and television that they’ve actually transcended being cliches to become parodies of cliches, which is just all sorts of weird. Even if a cease and desist can’t be issued against these incidents, the least we can do is complain about them. Here is an example of the kind of foolishness we never want to see on the big and/or small screen ever again.

Movie Parodies

No more Scary Movies. No more Epic Movies or Disaster Movies or Superhero Movies. No more “spoofs” or “parodies” or whatever the hell. No more, Hollywood.

Parody movies used to work, because once upon a time there was a certain amount of creativity and cleverness to what was being spoofed. Airplane! is a classic because it brilliantly makes fun of ’70s disaster movies… and manages to be a great comedy in and of itself. It’s great if you get all the sly references the movie’s making to other movies. If you don’t, you’re still watching a top-notch comedy that also exists as its own stand-alone entity.

The problem with crap (and it is stinking, rotting crap) like Epic Movie and the intolerable Scary Movies is that they allow what they’re spoofing to do all the creative heavy lifting – and then don’t offer anything in return. The producers of these things think it’s enough that they have the budget to completely recreate the sets and costumes from things like The Grudge or Pirates of the Caribbean or even The Village and then just kind of poke fun at the various scenarios and dialogue exchanges from the source material. There’s no cleverness or really any talent on display – it’s mockery and mimicry without context or understanding.

Movie Parodies

This would probably be fine if the movies were actually, you know, funny. But they’re not. In fact, they descend even further into the realm of not being funny and actually mutate into some sort of grotesque state of anti-funny. Funny cannot even exist in the realms of these films. Any attempt to be funny makes everything following it ten times worse, until you’re left at the closing credits feeling like you were abducted by aliens, because you can’t account for the past 90 minutes at all.

That doesn’t sound like fun, does it? So stop seeing the damn things and Hollywood will stop making them.

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