The Bounty Hunter Review


The Bounty HunterOff the top, I’ll admit to experiencing that fluttering sense of emptiness deep within before I’m about to take in a romantic comedy. Truly, what’s not to love about the piercing steel grip of a woman’s nails into your forearm when you break out in laughter at all the wrong moments…like the romantic ones?  Especially when the woman is clearly at the movie with her husband, and your girlfriend, whom is sitting quietly to your left, clearly has no idea what’s going on! I get it. Love is about compromising. And compromising, with all its pain, can at times lead to an overwhelming rush of redemption. She says, ‘a romantic comedy’. You say ‘action/drama’. She then says ‘Jennifer Aniston’. And you say ‘popcorn or nachos and do you want ice in your diet water?’

Nicole Hurley (the ever-delightful Jennifer Aniston), is a career driven investigative reporter, chasing the big break in a murder cover up. And she won’t give in until her story is put to print. Unfortunately for Nicole, Gerard Butler‘s Milo Boyd, a burnt out, down-on-his-luck, ex-NYPD cop and Nicole’s ex-husband, is only interest in putting one set of prints to press; and they happen to be on the tips of her fingers. Cue the low blow and let the foot chase begin! And the bicycle taxi chase. And the high-speed car chase. And the golf cart chase. And we’re running again… in heels, no less (how is that even-Awe!)  Point.

To the woman that just kicked my chair. I’m going to assume she didn’t enjoy the car that just flipped over, or the fact that for a romantic comedy, The Bounty Hunter is defiantly not shy on action.  Sure there are the sudden 160 degree turns into tender moments of woo-like a nostalgic evening at their honeymoon B & B, while laying low in the ever romantic setting of rural New Jersey (don’t laugh, I once flew over Jersey and it’s a beautiful state – DAMN YOU!). Point. To the woman on my right with the wolverine claw. Her husband must be so proud. And, in a giggle from my girlfriend I realized, that therein lay the compromise between action and romance. Redemption. Redemption of a lost sensibility to the romantic comedy… revealed in a supporting cast of punch line PhDs like Jeff Garlin, Siobhan Fallon Hogan and Christine Baranski that kept the humor honest and the romance raunchy. With comedic stylist of their class, how could one not help but laugh on cue and enjoy doing so.

Once you’ve woven your way through the barrage of action sequences and slapstick circumstance, you can find a story that hinges on a relationship’s chase for redemption that you can relate to…making it a comedic romance worth taking in.  At least I can say I’m still not a fan of musicals.


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