Blizzard Bans 320,000 Users For Cheating

320,000 gamers tried to sign into their Warcraft III and Diablo II accounts last night or early this morning only to discover that they’ve been banned for “violating the Terms of Use,” according to a thread on

Fortunately, the long arm of the Blizzard law is at least somewhat understanding if it was a first-time offense. But other than that, they put the kibosh on the deal. The company posted that “If this is a first offense, the CD key associated with the banned account will be suspended for 30 days, while repeat offenders will see their keys banned permanently. All account ban decisions are final.”

Though there may be a flaw in their logic, however. They also posted that “many account closures come as the direct result of tips emailed to our hacks team by legitimate users.” Now, imagine you’re a douchebag. And you want to extend your douchebagness to all. What do you do? Email “tips” that people are using hacks and whatnot. Got ’em good.