Boy Scouts Introduce Video Game Badge

Yes, it’s true. The Boy Scouts of America just introduced a video game merit badge into their system. If for some reason you’re interested in how to obtain one of these badges, you have to go through a strenuous process:

First you have to earn your Video Game Belt Loop by understanding the importance of rating systems, creating a schedule (with an adult) that divvies up your chores, homework and video gaming as well as only playing games approved by your parent or teacher. So basically, taking all the spontaneity out of having fun.

Once you’ve earned your Video Game Belt Loop, you have to complete five of the following to earn your Video Games Academics Pin:

-Create a plan (with a parent) to purchase an appropriate video game
-Compare and contrast two gaming systems as well as list good reasons to purchase a system
-Play a video game in a family tournament (Thunderdome style)
-Teach an adult to play a video game (cuz they’ll love that)
-List tips five tips that would help someone learn to play a certain video game
-Play an appropriate video game with a friend for one hour
-Play a game that helps practice math, spelling or other school skills (…but those games aren’t fun)
-Choose a game you want to buy. Compare the price at three different stores. Choose the best deal considering return policies.
-Install a gaming system with an adult

Here’s how to obtain Heavy’s Video Game deMerit Badge:

-Stomp at least twelve hookers in a game (trannies don’t count)
-Own one of your friends in a competitive, 1-on-1 match. Upon winning, break something.
-Drive at least two gaming systems to the point of exhaustion (red ring of death, etc)

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