Full Release: Games

Super Street Fighter IV

The April drought has finally broken with a whole slew of top-tier games for your thumb-twiddling pleasure. Let’s just dive right into the action, shall we?

Super Street Fighter IV – New fighters! New bonus stages! New moves! Everything you loved about Capcom’s return to the franchise that made them famous, only more of it. Getting my hands on this today, look for a review as soon as I master Turkish oil wrestler Hakan and dominate chumps all over the country. Probably the best fighting franchise on the market, bar none, and this upgrade sells at a budget price to boot. If you didn’t pick up the original, there’s absolutely no reason on Earth for you not to get this. Unless you have no thumbs and are a scrub.

Dead To Rights: Retribution – What started out as a bargain-basement Grand Theft Auto clone that missed the point pretty badly has grown into it’s own little franchise that actually brings some new things to the table. This latest installment puts you in the shoes of policeman Jack Slate, working to solve a massive criminal conspiracy and wrecking the hell out of chumps on the way. One of the most interesting new features is the ability to directly control your dog Shadow, using his senses to get stealth kills and chew up crooks. Review tomorrow.

NIER – This is an interesting thing – a game released in Japan with a femmie ladyboy protagonist, and released here with a butch dude protagonist. This looks to step outside of the standard JRPG rut with developer Cavia introducing a bunch of weird gameplay mechanics into the mix, but the jury’s out on how well they work. At its core, it’s a grown-up take on the Legend of Zelda formula, so if you’ve got the itch, this might scratch it.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa – If you’re getting psyched for World Cup action like we are, the latest in EA Sports’ much-loved soccer series is the next best thing to getting on a plane to South Africa. Let’s face it: EA is the king of these games, and they’ve had decades to refine them to a pristine sheen. This is sort of a stopgap between last year’s FIFA game and the next full sequel, not really upgrading the mechanics but creating rosters of international players so you can do the whole Cup in your living room.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback – The glory days of NES football return in this update of the 80s franchise that promises all of the side-scrolling retro action you know and love plus optional upgraded graphics and online multiplayer. If Madden is too much for you, this may be the game you’ve been waiting for.

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter – The greatest Croatian first-person shooter of all time is getting more HD love, and if you weren’t around when these games blew the doors off of the FPS scene last decade, you’re in for a treat. Huge draw distances, massive numbers of enemies and adrenaline-spurting action that will make you think of a 3D Robotron await.