New A-Team Pictures

Some new pictures of the A-Team just surfaced, courtesy of All this subtle hype is getting us geared up for this one. Hopefully we’ll have a summer full of awesome movies for once.

Because tan lines from bandages are awesome.

“Hey, Rampage. Remember when you were a coach on the Ultimate Fighter and only one of your fighters won?”

“The more nonchalant we seem, the cooler we look.”

No, no no. In Hollywood, you’re supposed to walk away from explosions. Running makes you look scared… and guilty.

“Do you realize that your sporting Chuck Liddell’s haircut?”

“If I talk to you this close, it’s simultaneously aggressive and sexy. I’ll win the argument and get to make out with you.”

“So… can you get me a role in Hangover 2?
“Not after what you did to Star Wars.

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