OMG, New iPhone Details!

Someone over at Apple is getting fired or assassinated. After a potential next-generation iPhone was lost in a bar near Apple’s headquarters over the weekend, everyone is buzzing about the new features. It was camouflaged in a case that made it look like the 3GS model. The boys over at Gizmodo dissected it to see what it’s all about.

The new stuff is very interesting. It’ll have a  front-facing camera for potential video chat as well as an improved back-camera with larger lens and camera flash. It has an iPad-style Micro-SIM instead of the standard one. The display is also of a higher quality although the screen is slightly smaller.  A secondary microphone is on the top of the phone but it’s unsure of what it might do, though it’s rumored it will assist in noise cancellation.

A lot of the original features remain, but they’ve been updated. The back is flat and smooth instead of concave and the border will be squared off and made of aluminum. The battery is 16% larger and the phone is 3 grams heavier, although the components are smaller to make room for the battery.

Check out the comparison of the two models below: