2.7 Million Gamers Test Halo: Reach Beta

Everyone who bout last year’s ODST Halo spinoff had the opportunity to test the beta release of Halo: Reach which ran from May 3rd to May 20th. Well, it was more than a success. Over 2.7 million people logged on, played for a collective 16 million hours and logged more than 1.1 billion kills, the New York Post reported.

Bungie Studios’ community director Brian Jarrad said “It’s exceeded our expectations. Out only real perspective going into this was the ‘Halo 3’ beta test which had about 800,000 people.”

That’s a pretty nice leap. But they found a bunch of little bugs here and there that need to be fixed before the game’s release. A lot of issues dealt with rechargeable powers that players can harness such as superspeed, flight and invisibility. But you can find out more about that in the All You Need to Know session.

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