Brett Ratner Writing Youngblood Script

So Brett Ratner (the dude who directed X-Men: Last Stand) told MTV that he’s working on his next project which is an adaptation of the comic book series Youngblood by Rob Liefeld.

He said, “I’m working on the script. Youngblood will be something I do in the future, whether it’s next year or whatever.” He admits that he won’t be doing any more work on his Rush Hour series and definitely not X-Men, so he’s working on a new franchise. calls Youngblood as “the biggest hack in comics” and describes it like this:

“Imagine that Hawkeye was the leader of the Avengers, replace the minor characters with copies of OTHER popular Marvel superheroes then squint your eyes, apply the drawing ability of a 12 year old and you will have Youngblood.”

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