Full Release: Movies


It’s time to see if the SNL Curse has been lifted with this week’s release of MacGruber, the late-night comedy team’s best hope for big-screen success since Wayne’s World. In addition, we have the last Shrek movie and a few indies to whet your whistle. Let’s get to the new releases down at your local cinemaplexatorium.

MacGruberWill Forte stars as the be-mulleted adventurer who loves to make things blow up. Awesome supporting cast on this one – Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe as MacGruber’s backup and the notorious Val Kilmer as the evil Dieter von Cunth. From everything I’ve seen so far on this one, it’s actually going to pull off the frequently failed TV to big-screen transition with aplomb. Watch the trailer.

Shrek Forever After – The whole gang (Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz et al) return in the fourth and final installment of Dreamworks’ money machine. When Shrek misses his oldtimes of ogrey mayhem, he makes a deal with the sneaky Rumplestiltskin that sees him cast into a bizarre parallel universe (like on Lost) where up is down, left is right and hamburgers eat people. Can he put the world back to how it was? Does he even want to? Watch the trailer.

Solitary Man – Hell, Michael Douglas played one of my favorite “solitary men” of all time in Falling Down, I’m willing to give him the chance to try it again. In this, he plays a car dealer who keeps disappointing his friends and family. A great supporting cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Jenna Fischer, Mary-Louise Parker and more has my interest piqued.

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