Splinter Cell: Conviction Tips And Tricks

Splinter Cell Conviction

So if you’ve been enjoying marking and executing chumps in the latest installment of the Splinter Cell franchise, you already know the adrenaline-charged stealth action that the game provides. But maybe you’re looking to take your skills up a notch? In this handy feature, some tips and tricks for extended ass-kicking as your man Sam Fisher.

The most important tool in Conviction is the Mark and Execute system, which lets you line up guards for rapid-fire kills after downing an enemy in melee. But one use for the system involves not executing. With the Sonar Goggles, locate enemies in the room and mark them. Now remove the goggles and you’ve got nice, clear tags on chumps you wouldn’t see normally.

The real meat of Splinter Cell: Conviction is in the game’s multiplayer modes. Most notable is the Deniable Ops games, which present a number of new challenges. Here’s a quick runthrough of the four types.


Hunter mode is the simplest conceptually: ten enemies per level. Kill them all without being seen. If you die, it’s back to the beginning. If you get spotted, the alarm will be raised and you’ll have another ten enemies to deal with, which can usually lead to your death. In this mode, it’s all about confirming kills. Use Mark and Execute to take guys out, but make sure that nobody’s left standing, because killing an enemy in sight of another one is an instant alarm. Any loud weapon (flashbangs, unsilenced firearms) will also trigger it, so move slow and quiet.


This one is like hardcore Hunter: if you’re spotted, you lose. Period. Don’t do anything that will bring any risk down on your head, and make sure to modify your loadout so you’re not carrying anything that makes a noise.

Last Stand

This mode is far, far easier to play in co-op than solo. Tasked with guarding an EMP device, it’s virtually impossible to keep it intact alone for anybody but the best player. But with a pal, this mode is actually a load of fun. Split responsibilities by role, with one player keeping to the shadows and getting kills while the other one makes himself a target by staying in the open and using long-range attacks. Since you can revive each other if killed, it’s easier to survive the waves of attackers. If too many enemies swarm the EMP, the target should throw a flashbang or open up with a heavy weapon to draw their attention away from it.

Face Off

The only overtly competitive Deniable Ops mode is notorious for ragequits, but if you can find solid bros to play with it’s a lot of fun. You and

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