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Shutter Island DVD

Hey, it’s another week of movies to bring home. The big story is Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese‘s twisty little thriller that, if you haven’t seen it, has what it takes to shock you even on the small screen. Throw in some other hot flicks and it’s a nice little week for your home theater. Here’s the new releases.

Shutter Island – Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the Big Twist for you if you haven’t already had it spoiled. I’ll just say that Scorsese is so good that it doesn’t feel like a cheat at all – it’s that rare climactic moment that makes you re-evaluate everything you’ve just seen. Short summary: Leonardo DiCaprio is a U.S. Marshal who goes to a desolate island off of the Massachusetts coast with his partner to solve a bizarre mystery at an insane asylum and quickly realizes that nothing is what it seems. Watch the trailer or read our full review.

From Paris With Love – This fun little spy thriller didn’t do so hot in theaters (perhaps because John Travolta is box office poison, even with a shaved head) but I thought it was worth watching. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a low-level CIA operative who gets partnered with Travolta’s old dog in an action-packed romp through the City of Lights to stop a terrorist attack. Travolta chews up scenery like it was an enemy of Scientology, but director Pierre Morel makes it all work. Watch the trailer or read our full review.

The Shinjuku IncidentJackie Chan redeems himself for The Spy Next Door with this gritty action film, where he plays a tractor repairman from mainland China who travels to Japan to try and track down his missing girlfriend. This, of course, brings him into conflict with the yakuza, because what’s a Jackie Chan movie where he doesn’t fight anybody? Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend has up and married the very same yakuza leader that he’s working to bring down, so nobody really ends up happy. Watch the trailer.

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