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Christina Aguilera Bionic

It’s another week in which the music industry wants to capture your tender ears with their artfully arranged blips and bleeps, and no matter what kind of sheezy you’re into, there’s something good coming out. So let’s skip the diddling around and get straight to the tunes.

Christina AguileraBionic – Oh, so that’s why Christina Aguilera is so hot. She’s part robot. That explains errything. Her new album, her first in four years since 2006’s Back To Basics, sees the diva pushing in more futuristic directions – inspired by the genre-blending of Kanye West and production by Polow Da Don and Tricky Stewart. If you liked the retro big band-isms of her lats platter, this might alienate you, but if you just like looking at her gorgeous cans you won’t care much. Watch the video for “Not Myself Tonight.”

Hail The VillainPopulation: Declining – First major-label outing from a Canadian hard rock band that has big plans for the future. They’re not just putting out a record with twelve songs of balls-out stomp, but they also have a whole universe of concepts around the thing – comic books, video games, and more. Gotta respect that kind of ambition. Watch the video for “Take Back The Fear.”

Lil JonCrunk Rock – It’s been four years since Lil Jon put out an album, too. Time does fly! Crunk Rock, his first without longtime posse the East Side Boyz, has seen all sorts of problems in the course of its production, from label collapses to massive changes in direction. The final product is about as eclectic as a hip-hop album can get, with guest spots from Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, Pitbull, LMFAO and more. Watch the video for “Outta Your Mind.”

Against MeWhite Crosses – Gainesville punk band drops a short, sharp, 10-song LP featuring a new drummer and the same acerbic, aggressive music that their fans eat up with a spoon. The limited edition CD sports four extra tracks, for the punk completists out there. Watch the video for “Rapid Decompression.”

PliesGoon Affiliated – Florida-born rapper has had nothing but good times on his way to the top of the charts (well, except for that little thing where his entourage was charged with attempted murder after a nightclub shooting), but the “Shawty” mastermind doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Goon Affiliated is his fourth studio album, featuring guest spots from Keri Hilson, Trey Songz and Fabolous. Watch the video for “She Got It Made.”

Tokyo Police ClubChamp – Canadian indie-rock band getting a lot of buzz for its intensely melodic and somewhat sad songs. They just got finished touring with Weezer, so expect their fanbase to grow exponentially in the coming years as more people catch on to what they’re doing.  Watch the video for “Breakneck Speed.”

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