Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stone in a Thong

Rolling Stone unveiled its July cover today featuring Lady Gaga wearing the only thing she hasn’t worn yet: a machine gun bra! (I think her plan is to use it to heist the three million dollar Victoria’s Secret bra) Gaga’s posing for the cover story “Lady Gaga Tells All,” (or is it for “Obama’s General: Why He’s Losing the War”? Hard to say) and she isn’t wearing much.

People are trying to turn the picture into something controversial, probably just out of habit, but honestly the only thing controversial here is whether Lady Gaga is hot or not. This is what happens every time I see Lady Gaga: First I think, “Ooh look, a pretty girl.” Then I think, “Wait a minute, something’s wrong here.” It’s the same thing that happens whenever I see Zac Effron. At least I know where she got the inspiration for her hairdo this time. And why does her ass look like it was drawn in colored pencil? Seriously, is this girl hot or not?

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