Megan Fox is Qualified to Play a Lesbian Native American Superhero

Megan Fox in Gen 13

Megan Fox may never win an Oscar, but that’s just because the Academy is too snobby to give awards in the important categories, like Leaning on Vehicles or Lifetime Achievement in Girl on Girl Kissing. That’s why it’s good to see that Megan Fox isn’t pulling a Jim Carrey by ignoring her strengths looking for an Oscar, but instead told reporters at the Jonah Hex premier this weekend that she wants to play a Native American lesbian in a movie version of the comic Gen 13.
Gen 13 is a series by WildStorm about a team of young superheroes with different powers, including Sarah Rainmaker, a Native American who can control the weather. Sure Megan says she likes comic books and kissing girls, but is it possible she’s really drawn to the role because a girl named Sarah Rainmaker who controls the weather is the first character Megan’s ever met that she actually understood? There are no complicated concepts here like history, theology, or robotics, this is just good old fashioned weather controlling lesbianism. That’s Ms. Fox’s wheelhouse, and that’s why we love her. Of course, nobody else was even talking about making Gen 13 into a movie but with a story like this, someone has to be on it now.

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