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Crackdown 2

Is the hot summer sun getting you down? Why not go inside, crank the AC, crank the AC/DC and get into some of this week’s new games? Here’s the rundown for releases the week of July 4th.

Crackdown 2 – This is the big release of the week (and you can win a copy right here), and for good reason – the first Crackdown was a fine slab of action gaming, taking the open-world aspect of the Grand Theft Auto games and letting you go all superhuman on them with an array of powerful weapons and abilities. The sequel doesn’t look to blaze any new ground, despite promising expanded player customization and four-player co-op, but why mess with success? All I want to do is jump off buildings and punch dudes in the face so hard their face isn’t a face anymore, and I expect Crackdown 2 to deliver on that. Watch the trailer.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable – If you’ve never sampled the Shin Megami Tensei series, you’re in for a treat – these stylish RPGs are among the best games in the genre. As a high school student, you work through the social challenges of teenagerhood by day and fight demons by night in a crazy tower of demonic nightmares. There’s really no other games like it, and this rerelease of the PS2 classic for the PSP system lets you take it wherever you go.

Tournament Of Legends – Fighting games are most definitely back after this year’s E3, so it’s no wonder that smaller companies are trying to get in on that action. This Wii title from High Voltage Software obviously takes a lot of cues from the Soul Calibur series, offering ten weapon-wielding characters in large arenas, but the jury’s out on whether the inevitable use of motion control.

Despicable Me – CGI movie becomes video game? Who ever would have thought! This tie-in to the upcoming Steve Carell / Jason Segel joint lets you play as Gru, the nastiest villain of all time, in his quest to pull off the biggest heist in history. It’s always fun to play as the bad guy. Watch the movie trailer.

Furry Legends – Oh, no. No way, man. I know what furries are.

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