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Dinner For Schmucks

Huge week for movies as we close out July – sure, some of them are… questionable, to say the least, but there’s some really sweet picks this time around. Let’s dive right in to the new releases opening Friday, July 30th.

Dinner For Schmucks – This is obviously the top pick of the week. Paul Rudd headlines this remake of a 1998 French film about a group of businessmen who hold a monthly “dinner for idiots” in which the person who brings the biggest loser to the table gets rewarded. His choice is ultra-nebbishy IRS employee Steve Carell, but the cast is packed full of people who know how to deliver the laughs. This is poised to be one of the best comedies of the summer, so get in early. Watch the trailer.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore – Or, if you want to watch something really uncomfortable, you can subject yourself to this creepy, unnecessary sequel to the 2001 all-animal spy caper that apparently took the nation by storm. It’s cats! And dogs! And a lot of CGI! But it also boasts a kind of awesome voice cast, including Neil Patrick Harris, Katt Williams and Nick Nolte.

Charlie St. Cloud – Aw, Zac Efron wants to be an actor! Isn’t that cute! The Disney hearthrob’s latest grab for aesthetic respectability is playing a young man who loses his brother in a horrific car accident, only to see the ghost of the little twerp every day and keep his promise of playing baseball with him. But when a girl comes in the picture, will Charlie abandon his creepy dead brother for some nookie? What would you do?

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist And Rebel – Documentary examining the life of the luckiest man on Earth, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Hef’s not just a dude who cuddles with girls a fourth his age, if all you know is The Girls Next Door. He’s responsible for so much of the evolution of the American sexual mindset that it’s not even funny. This looks to be the flick that will give him his due.

Get Low – An awesome old dude cast (Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, etc) anchors this flick about a hermit who shows up in town one day demanding a “living funeral” for himself. Why should the best party of your life be after you’re not around to enjoy it, after all? Of course, things aren’t always that simple, and some ghosts from the past make themselves known. Watch the trailer.

The Extra Man – Jonathan Ames (the writer behind HBO’s excellent Bored To Death), wrote the novel that inspired this flick about New York City gigolos and the batty crones who love them. This opened at Sundance to some praise, and the great cast which includes John C. Reilly and Katie Holmes probably helped.

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