Total Recall Remake

It seems like the studios in Hollywood are running dry on ideas or just don’t seem to be getting any good ones as news broke today that we may be getting another remake of an already classic action movie. Apparently, we can now look forward to (or dread) a remake of the already awesome sci-fi action flick, Total Recall.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that director Len Wiseman is in negotiations to revamp the movie although no script or a lead actor has been penned down yet. Wiseman is probably best known for writing and directing the vampire series Underworld and directed the last installment of the Die Hard franchise.

For those of you that have been deprived of seeing the original movie, it follows Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) an average guy who buys a dream version of a vacation to the planet Mars from Recall Inc., a company that sells dreams. Things go awry and Quaid finds himself in a world turned upside down where he believes assassins are out to kill him. One aspect that made the original so fun to watch was that the audience was kept guessing the entire movie amidst a barrage of gun fights and chase scenes whether it was all a delusion in Quaid’s mind or reality. The movie had some crazy special effects, a creepy dude growing out of another creepy dude’s stomach and a hot chick with not two, but three boobs. So yea, the movie was pretty sweet to begin with.

Not to bring up cliches, but this kind of falls into the realm of why fix something that’s not broken? Arnold Schwarzenegger was reaching the height of his fame when Total Recall was released and cemented itself as one of the best sci-fi films of the 1990s.  We’re already getting a remake of Escape From New York and a remake of RoboCop could be on the horizon.

It’s been twenty years since the movie came out and some of the special effects aren’t quite as impressive today as they might have been, but that doesn’t detract from the movie. Star Wars and Beetlejuice may not be as visually impressive today as when they were first released but nonetheless remain fan favorites.

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