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The Other Guys

Finally, something to watch besides Inception. The Other Guys has come to wash all this scum out of the theatres. Plenty else comes out today too, though nothing stands a chance. Dancing in 3D? Whoopdee doo! Here’s your rundown.

The Other Guys – Director Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell add to their streak of modern day comedy classics with a new film about a couple of bumbling NYC cops who stumble upon a case no one else wants, and end up uncovering one of New York City’s biggest crimes. Casting Mark Wahlberg as Ferrell’s partner was genius, as it reminds the viewer of Wahlberg’s turn in The Departed, and it is also his first starring role in a comedy. Costarring Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Ferrell and Wahlberg’s hero cops on the force, this is definitely the movie to catch this weekend. Check out the trailer.

Step Up 3D – I have noticed that with any movie that is marketed as a “dance movie”, there is always one really hot girl that they throw into the commercial, always at the end, doing a bump and grind in the rain, almost as a way of saying to the guys watching, “Look, if you’re girlfriend drags you to this, at least you have this one scene to look forward to.” The one thing I have noticed about this movie, other than the fact that they are promoting it as, “You can watch people dance in 3D!”? That scene is nowhere to be seen in the commercials or trailers. I think the fine folks at Touchstone Pictures need to step up (see what I did there) with some cash and hire some finer ladies for Step Up 4 The Reckoning.

Middle Men – Date night flick? I don’t know! Luke Wilson stars in this film as Jack Harris, the man who figured out how to successfully sell porn over the internet. While making millions of dollars, he also falls for a porn star and runs afoul of the FBI. While it has been forever since Luke Wilson has been in a hit, this has a top notch supporting cast, including Giovanni Ribisi, Terry Crews, and Robert Forster. Might be worth a boys night out.

FlippedRob Reiner‘s back with his first new movie since The Bucket List. Unfortunately, this will also be his first family film since his 1994 legendary bomb North. I don’t know a lot about this film, other than it’s about two 8th graders with nothing in common who fall in love, which in 8th grade speak means someone is getting felt up under the bleachers. I might be the last person alive to believe Reiner deserves the benefit of the doubt, so if you have kids, give it a shot.

TwelveChase Crawford continues his streak of appearing in every single film with a role for a young white dude in it. In this one, he plays a tough drug dealer (snicker) who’s cousin is killed, his best friend is falsely accused of the crime, and he has to figure out a way to set everything right without placing any of the cops suspicion on himself. Looking over the cast list, 50 Cent stars as the token black drug kingpin. Shouldn’t he be working on an album? Watch the trailer here.

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