Kanye West Promises New Music Every Friday Until Christmas

Kanye West Free Music

On his Twitter feed, Kanye West announced that he will release one new song , performed by either him or one of his famous friends, every Friday from now until Christmas. Consider this your warning to free up some iPod space now.

“Swizz looked at me the other night and said man are you getting sleep and I told him I can’t sleep… My people need this new music,” he wrote. “I’m calling it Good Fridays. We look at the game completely different now.”

The last part is the most interesting part. Kanye seems to be the latest musical artist to acknowledge that the old business model of releasing and marketing a CD and living off the royalty check just isn’t cutting it in the 21st century. Even in a summer where the touring business went in the toilet, giving some songs away on the internet in hopes of later selling some concert tickets may still be the smarter way to go. Face it, there’s a better chance that a kid might buy your t-shirt than actually pay cash for your CD today, especially if he has a CD burner. Not that we are advocating anything.

No definite word as of yet on where to find the songs when they drop, so keep an eye on Kanye’s Twitter feed for the latest. His fifth album, title constantly changing, is set to be released on November 16th.