Metroid: Samus Made Bite Sized

This just in from Tiny Cartridge: check out out Minitroid, yet another fan remake of Super Metroid, with one key characteristic: everything is all pint sized!

Am I the only one getting Cave Story vibes? BTW, the creator once helmed another redux, which could be best described as an in-between of the original and what you see above:

The first vid is far more aesthetically pleasing, primarily Samus herself (not sure what the heck is going on there), but the movies in the second clip are far more exciting. Especially the running backwards while shooting! And the level designs look absolutely hawt as well. Anyhow, here’s hoping Minitroid actually comes out! Which for most fan made remakes of console classics with some neat new spin to the formula… almost never sees the eyes of completion.

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