Metroid: A Closer Look At Samus’ Threads

So at PAX Prime earlier this weekend, Nintendo had a fairly impressive presence, pimping all their upcoming holiday releases, as well the just released Other M. I personally didn’t touch any of the games on-hand at the show due to the simple fact that one had to wait in line for hours for practically everything. Including Other M, which was especially perplexing since… you know… it’s already out! But at least those waiting got the chance to gawk at this:

That’s the attire worn by the live action Samus from the recently highlighted live-action Other M commercial. Quite nice isn’t it? Even without the actress inside (though that would have been a definite bonus). And here’s a look from behind:

Unfortunately there was no space suit in the flesh. I’m guessing the one we saw in the spot was computer generated. Oh well!

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